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Netbeans Portal Pack is the fastest way to develop portlets for your enterprise Portal.

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What's new
  • Support For Liferay 6
  • Support For NetBeans 6.9
  • Latest Portlet Container Support on both GlassFish V2 & V3
Directory Deployment & Deploy On Save

Directory deployment provides faster development of portlet's JSP, CSS etc. without the need to redeploy portlet each time it's modified or changed. Deploy on Save along with Directory Deployment provides class reloading without needing to redeploy the application everytime the class file is changed. Using "Deploy On Save" feature, by just changing and saving a java file, the java file is automatically compiled and the portlet application is reloaded to reflect the changes.

Resources: Directory Deployment Blog

Hook Plug-in Support

Provides support for WebSpace/Liferay Hook plugin.

Resources: Hook Plug-in Blog

Theme Development Support

Create and Modify Liferay/Web Space theme in NetBeans. Code completion for Liferay velocity variables are also supported for vm files. Using Directory Deployment feature, just change a theme CSS or template files and refresh the browser to see the modification.

Resources: Using Portal Pack for Web Space/Liferay Theme Development

Support for Liferay 5.2.x on JBoss 5.x

Liferay 5.2.x on JBoss Application Server 5.x is now supported. This feature is contributed by John Platts.

Deployment support

The following servers are now supported by Portal Pack

Support for New JSR 286 specification

All the new features of JSR-286 are supported. Some of the features are Eventing, Public Render Parameters, Portlet Filters etc.

Eventing Storyboard for JSR 286 Eventing

It supports JSR-286 Eventing using eventing story board.

Resources :

Visual Portlet Builder plug-in to build JSF portlet

This plug-in helps developer to create Visual Web JSF portlet using Visual Web WYSIWYG editor.

Resources :

Portlets with Spring MVC framework

This plug-in helps you to create Spring MVC Portlet inside NetBeans IDE.

Multi-language Portlets with PHP/Ruby/Groovy

This support helps developer writing portlets in PHP/Ruby/Groovy languages and these portlets can be deployed on Liferay / Sun GlassFish Web Space Server.

Portal Pack 3.0.3 - Known Issues

  • Visual Web Portlet Plug-in(JSF) is only supported on NetBeans 6.5 & 6.7
  • Relative url of image in CSS style builder cannot be resolved properly.

    Workaround: Change the url manually.

  • Service Builder XML generated by service builder plug-in has 5.1.0 dtd version.

Portal Pack 3.0.2 - Known Issues

  • Could not start Liferay 5.2.3 server in developer mode from NetBans IDE on Mac OS.

    Workaround: Go to Liferay tomcat installation's "bin" directory. Add following line at the start of the setenv.sh .

Portal Pack 3.0.1 - Known Issues

  • No component is shown while navigating a JSF portlet with page navigation in Firefox. [Issue]

    Workaround: From the default generated JSF page, remove webuiAll="true" from <webuijsf:themeLinks....../> tag. Everything works perfectly in Firefox & IE after removing this attribute.

License, Governance and Roles

This project is a subproject of the OpenPortal project and follows the license and governance practices from that project.

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How to contribute

NetBeans welcomes and appreciates contributions from the NetBeans community in the portal pack area. There are many ways to contribute, including testing the plug-ins, writing HOWTOs and other documentation, contributing patches, enhancing the functionality of the plug-ins, or writing a completely new plug-ins for additional portal servers.

For general information on contributing to NetBeans, please see this page.

To know how to get the latest Portal Pack source code, please see this page
For any contribution to Portal Pack project, please send a mail to "portalpack at contrib.netbeans.org"


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