Portal Pack 3.0.4 For NetBeans 6.9/6.8/6.7.x/6.5.x  (Updated on 1st Sept 2010)

 Core Bundle
Visual Web Portlet Plugins
(Only for NetBeans 6.5 & 6.7)

Generic Portlets (JSR 168/286)


Visual Portlet Builder (JSF Portlet)

JSF Portlet Bridge Library

Spring MVC Portlet Plug-in

Portal Server Integration Framework

OpenPortal Portlet Container Plug-in

  Liferay / Web Space Server Plug-in

Liferay / Web Space Server Plug-ins (Ruby, PHP, Groovy, Hooks, Themes)

Liferay / Web Space Server Common Library

Liferay / Web Space Server Service Builder Plug-in

Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1/7.2 Plug-in

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Note: Install Core/All Bundle before installing Visual Web Portlet Plug-ins.


  • Generic Portlets (JSR 168/286) : This plug-in supports development of JSR 168/286 generic portlets inside NetBeans IDE.
  • Visual Portlet Builder (JSF Portlet) : This module enables portlet developers to rapidly build JSF based portlet application in NetBeans by dragging and dropping components on the WYSIWYG Visual Editor. This plugin is supported only on NetBeans 6.5 & 6.7
  • JSF Portlet Bridge Library : Jsf portlet bridge library module. (Supported only on NetBeans 6.5 & 6.7)
  • Spring MVC Portlet Plug-in : This module supports creating portlets based on Spring MVC Portlet Framework.
  • Portal Server Integration Framework : A library module to integrate any portal server inside NetBeans IDE.
  • OpenPortal Portlet Container Plug-in : This plug-in provides support for OpenPortal Portlet Container integration. Portlets developed in the NetBeans IDE can be deployed directly to the container by designating the portlet container as the run-time server for a portlet application. (https://portlet-container.dev.java.net)
  • Liferay/Web Space Server Plug-in : This plug-in  provides support for Sun GlassFish Web Space Server/Liferay Portal Server integration inside NetBeans.
  • Liferay/Web Space Server Plug-ins (Ruby,PHP,Groovy,Hooks,Themes) : This plug-in supports development of Liferay/Web Space Plug-ins (Ruby/PHP/Groovy Portlets, Hooks Plug-ins, Theme Plug-ins) which can be deployed on Web Space Server or Liferay Portal Server.
  • Liferay/Web Space Server Common Library : A common library module which is required by other Liferay/Web Space Server plug-in modules.
  • Liferay/Web Space Service Builder Plug-in : This plug-in provides Liferay Service builder support inside NetBeans IDE.
  • Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1/7.2 Plug-in : This plug-in provides support for Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1/7.2 server integration inside NetBeans IDE.

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